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sudoku puzzles printable
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Taking the First Step On January 27, 1998, in his State of the Union Address, President Clinton proposed an idea that would immediately spawn a national debate. The goal that President Clinton sought was to reduce class size in grades 13, nationwide, to an average of 18 students per class. The president’s plan was to provide enough funds to school districts so that an additional 100,000 teachers could be hired. Throughout the rest of his proposal President Clinton covered every other questionable aspect of this plan.
By the early 19th century, Hasidism became "the first religious trend in Judaism since the days of the Second Temple which had a selfdefined way of life and recognizable rite of worship, but yet was acknowledged by those who differed from it as a legitimate Jewish phenomenon" ("Hasidism," Encyclopedia Judaica). The Hasidism I am referring to is not to be confused with the group of people, probably Sabbatians, organized by Rabbi Jehuda Hasid on a crusade to the Holy Land in 1699 and 1700 (Scholem 331).
Ice Cream All over America, people enjoy eating the sweet and creamy dish called ice cream. Besides its probable Chinese origin, there are many other fun facts surrounding ice cream's history. Since the invention of ice cream, many flavors and toppings have been discovered. Ice cream has indeed opened the door to a new world in the universe of desserts. The history of ice cream dates back to very early in the 15th century. Although no one knows for sure, ice cream is claimed to have originated in China and was introduced to Europe by Mark Twain after his travels to China (“ice cream”WikipediaThe Online Encyclopedia).


Surviving Paintings of Baroque Period *Works Cited Not Included Baroque style conveyed the dynamic spirit of the entire age. Derived from the Portuguese word barocco, which describes the irregularly shaped pearls commonly featured in the ornamental European decoration. Asymmetric compositions, strong contrast of light, dark, and bold illusion effects characterize baroque style. This style originated from Italy and came to dominate artistic production in the years between 16th and middle of 17th century.
Gandhi’s leadership was unique, strong, and modern, yet he faced many critics who loathed what they viewed as Gandhi’s forced universalism of his ideals. The three main areas of contention with regard to Gandhi’s leadership were: communalism, untouchability and gender issues. These issues were part of a deeper debate on Indian identity and social reform as part of its move towards independence. Most if not all leaders of the time were concerned with defining the culture of the (potentially divided) Indian state in a manner that would ensure the continuity of such a state and therefore was as much a part of preindependence politics as the struggle for independence itself.
Purim Mordechai and Esther, with the approval of the Rabbis of the time, introduced a mitzvas assei(1) which obligates every person to send two different kinds of foods to one friend on Purim. Two basic reasons are given for this mitzvah: There are impoverished people who are too embarrassed to collect tzedakah for themselves and will therefore not have food for the seudas Purim. By establishing a system whereby everyone receives packages of food on Purim, the rabbis ensured that even the most reticent of individuals will have food for the Purim seudah(2).


Shakespeare: A Common Knowledge in Society Almost anywhere that you go in America or even the world, the people have heard of William Shakespeare. His name is probably one of the most common ones in our society today, and has been since his time. But has anyone ever raised the question why. Why do we, as a society, read William Shakespeare's plays. The answer is a simple one and that is to have a common knowledge in our societies. So many diverse groups of people can be brought together with Shakespeare's plays, for discussions, arguments, and more.
My Metamorphosis to a Reasonably Confident Adult In grade school, I can remember being insulted and humiliated because I displayed traits some of my peers thought were feminine. I was informed that I walked, spoke, and generally behaved like a girl. I recall feelings of anger and resentment mixed with shame and selfconsciousness. I wondered why I was being singled out. Now I realized that every boy who showed some trace of femininity was singled out, not just me. At the time, of course, I thought I was the only one.
In Plato’s works Apology and Crito there is an attempt by Socrates to defend himself in court and defend his choice to receive the death penalty when found guilty. Although he makes very valid and strong arguments throughout one can only wonder why such a wise person would choose death over life. The following essay will analyze three quotes from Apology and Crito, find the correlation between them, and reveal any flaws that may exsist inside these arguments made by Socrates. In Plato’s Apology Socrates explains to the jury the reasons he should be found not guilty against his accused crimes.


Blattiphobia A great wave of fear filters through the body at the thought of creatures that slither and crawl. Of all the bugs, snakes, and spiders in this vast universe the appearance, feel, and behavior of the tree roach can induce a panic as intense as a heart attack. The appearance of a roach is fearful in itself. One of the frightening things about a roach is its shape. It is scary to think how aerodynamic its body is. The roach can flatten its body like a pancake, making it appear to move through walls.
Sherman Alexie: What it means to be an Indian in America “Dr. Mather, if the Ghost Dance worked, there would be no exceptions. All you white people would disappear. All of you. If those dead Indians came back to life, they wouldn’t crawl into a sweathouse with you. They wouldn‘t smoke the pipe with you. They’d kill you. They’d gut you and eat your heart.” Marie, Indian Killer, 314 The identity of the modern Native American is not found in simple language or description. Neither does a badge or collection of eagle feathers determine Native American identity.
Conflicts in Northern Ireland The country of Ireland has suffered throughout a terrible history of conflict, violence and brutality. These conflicts, however, were not between Ireland and other countries; they were civil wars, and the people of Ireland were fighting amongst themselves. These civil disputes were caused by many different reasons, but the main three were politics, religious beliefs and cultural choices. Many significant events occurred because of the disagreements about these matters, and these events kept the conflict alive and made the citizens of Ireland more passionate about their beliefs.


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